Can You Trade Forex on TradeStation? Exploring Options with Interactive Brokers

TradeStation, a well-known brokerage platform, offers a range of financial instruments for trading.

But what about forex?

Let us explore whether you can trade forex on TradeStation.

TradeStation logo representing the brokerage platform.
TradeStation offers a wide range of financial instruments but does not support direct forex trading.

Forex Trading at TradeStation

Unfortunately, forex trading is not directly available on TradeStation.

As a US stockbroker regulated by FINRA, TradeStation primarily focuses on equities and other asset classes.

However, if you’re specifically interested in forex, you’ll need to consider other options.

How to Trade Forex with TradeStation

While you can’t directly trade forex within TradeStation, here’s an alternative approach:

  1. Open an Interactive Brokers Account: TradeStation provides access to forex trading through Interactive Brokers. You’ll need to open a new Interactive Brokers account powered by the TradeStation platform.
  2. Account Approval: Once you apply, your account will typically be approved within three business days.
  3. Fund Your Account: After approval, you can fund your account using methods like wire transfers or ACH.
  4. Start Trading: Connect to the forex market via Interactive Brokers within the TradeStation platform.


In summary, while TradeStation itself doesn’t offer direct forex trading, the collaboration with Interactive Brokers allows you to access the forex market.

Remember to explore other platforms if you’re looking for a more comprehensive forex trading experience!

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