True Forex Funds Broker: Unveiling Their Trading Partner

When venturing into forex trading, choosing the right broker is paramount.

If you are curious about the broker behind True Forex Funds, let me uncover the details and explore their trading partner.

True Forex Funds logo and IC Markets logo, illustrating their partnership in forex trading.
Partners in success: True Forex Funds collaborates with IC Markets for seamless trading experience.

1. True Forex Funds and Their Broker

1.1. The Trusted Partner

  • True Forex Funds, a Hungarian Forex prop firm founded in 2021, collaborates with IC Markets.
  • IC Markets is a reliable broker known for its competitive spreads starting from 0.0 pips.

1.2. The Trading Platform

  • True Forex Funds traders have access to cTrader, a high-performing and robust trading platform.
  • No trading or trade size restrictions apply, and traders can hedge on their accounts.
  • Notably, there is no first in first out (FIFO) rule when trading with True Forex Funds.


In summary, True Forex Funds partners with IC Markets, a reputable broker.

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